5 Facebook Chat Desktop Clients For Mac And Windows

Facebook with more than 400 million users is largest social network out there and with Facebook Chat, also one of the main players in IM market. Many people don’s see a reason why use other instant messengers while all their friends and colleagues are over at Facebook.

Although Facebook Chat is very popular, web interface lacks many features you would like to see on your IM client, that’s why we provide you with best and full function Facebook Chat desktop clients for Windows and Mac platforms.


Digsby is very powerful client that knows the “language” of many popular social networks and email services. I will name just largest platforms: Facebook Chat, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Talk, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, Gmail, Yahoo mail, AOL/AIM Mail and others. It can really become your only software to update all your networks, check email and chat with buddies. Digsby is available for Windows – Mac and Linux versions coming soon (Thanks Mihnea!).

Check out this video to see main features and how it all works:


Adium is the most popular IM client among Mac users mainly because of features it may offer to mac users. As it is developed specifically for Mac it runs very smooth have native interface. Adium offers large number of services you can integrate together: AOL, MSN, Yahoo, Google Talk, ICQ, Facebook Chat and others. If you own Mac – try Adium!


Pidgin is great client for Windows and Unix systems, although it doesn’t support Facebook chat by default you can integrate it using this plugin. Besides that you will be able to connect with your buddies on large number of networks and remember plug-ins, they offer almost unlimited possibilities for developers to add new features and networks.

Chit Chat For Facebook

App that is built specifically for Facebook and if you don’t want to get crazy integrating everything in one desktop client (trust me, it can be very annoying) you can go and install Chit Chat. This IM doesn’t have nothing too fancy, but there are all basic features you may want to require for Facebook Chat. Runs on windows only.


Palringo have strong focus on mobile devices and if you like to use your phone for connecting to your friends – try this app. Currently it have applications for Android, Iphone, iPod Touch, Blackberry, Simbian, Windows mobile and Java application. Also supporting large number of social networks and IM platforms – check out full list on their site.

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