5 Apps To Help You Cook Dinner

Cooking can be so fun, but it can also be a drag when you’ve worked all day, the family is hungry and you’re uninspired. Thankfully, there are plenty of apps available to help you get delicious ideas. We’ve put together a list of five apps with links and descriptions that will help you break out of the same old rut. Our list includes apps for Android, iOS and the Kindle Fire.

1. CookWell: “A sausage and egg biscuit from the drive thru for breakfast, a candy bar from the vending machine for lunch and then pick up a pizza on your way home from work. Does this sound like a day you’ve had recently? Obesity rates are skyrocketing, and processed packaged convenience foods are a primary contributor to this trend. Spending just a little time at the beginning of your busy week to plan what you’re going to eat can save you not only money and time, but a ton of calories too.”

2. Recipe Guru: “A world of sumptuous cuisines beckons you at Recipe Guru where you can find absolutely anything and everything that your tongue craves for. We have thousands of created and  professionally tested recipes from famous cookbooks,magazines and chefs. From continental to Japanese and Mexican to South Asian mouth watering delicacies just a click away.”

3. Whole Foods Market Recipes: “Looking for healthy and delicious food? Search Whole Foods Market Recipes for recipes featuring the finest natural and organic foods. You can search recipes by ingredients and dietary preferences such as gluten-free, low fat, and vegetarian/vegan. Every Whole Foods Market recipe includes nutritional information and cooking instructions. You can also enter up to 3 items you have on hand to find recipes using those ingredients.”

4. AllRecipes.com Dinner Spinner: “If you could use some inspiration to get dinner on the table, look no further than the Allrecipes.com Dinner Spinner app Shake to Spin option. Just open the app, shake your phone, and watch random selections of ingredients and selections fall into place. You’ll be tantalized into the kitchen in no time, but be prepared for the ideas that spin into the palm of your hand.”

5. ChefTap Recipe App: “ChefTap is the first Android app to automatically import your favorite recipes from any web site or blog, without copying and pasting. ChefTap is the only app on the market that uses an advanced artificial intelligence engine specifically designed to find recipes on any English language web page. With ChefTap, you’re no longer limited to the major corporate recipe sites. Have a favorite food blog? No problem!”