5 Apps For Breaking Up

The Huffington Post has a list of apps to help people in long distance relationships manage their love life. To help digital daters manage breakups, we’ve put together a list of apps designed for breakups. Below find a list of web, iOS and Android apps with advice on how to end a relationship, including links and the app’s description.

5 Apps For Breaking Up

1. WotWentWrong: “WotWentWrong.com is an innovative web dating advice portal that provides a socially acceptable way to: Explore your personal dating and relationship do’s and don’ts. Learn from past experiences. Develop fresh insights and behaviours to ensure your future relationship goals. WotWentWrong allows feedback to be expressed openly and honestly while respecting each other’s feelings and softening the blow.”

2. BreakkUp: “BreakkUp is a community exchange designed to help one another through the thick of relationships. Have a relationship issue that your friends can’t relate with? Maybe your friend is the problem? Too embarrassed to explain to family and can’t get the advice you desperately need?”

3. Break Up or Make Up, Love Test: “Do you know the secrets to save a relationship from falling apart? Do you feel like your partner or spouse doesn’t love you anymore? Do you suspect that he or she has lost interest in you over the course of time? Well, you are not alone. Many people struggle with the changing times in a relationship. Although, most people seem to think they know what how to fix a relationship, the reality of it is that most people do not.”

4. Breaking Up: “Need some help breaking up? Breaking up can be tough. It can be hard to say no, but if you really need to do it, get it said the right way with the right impression; whatever fits you best. Included are a collection of break up lines to help get you through the toughest thing to do in a relationship: break up! From I wish I loved you girl, really! and funny lines like your dog wants you back, you’ll have a resourceful collection of ideas to help you fortunate what you really need to say.

5. AntiValentine Valentine’s Day and Breakup Greeting Cards: “When you care enough to send your worst – send an AntiValentine Valentine’s Day Card! Wanna good laugh? Download the AntiValentine’s Valentine Day & Breakup Cards App and send someone a chuckle they’re not likely to forget. Currently filled with 45 cards (that’s less than $.02 a card) many more anti valentine day cards will be added before Valentine’s Day! Breaking up with somebody? Send them a black, breakup eCard!”