4Siri.com Provides a Window Into Siri’s Responses Without Buying an iPhone 4S

Apple’s Siri for iPhone 4S (only) speech recognition assistant is probably the most discussed aspect of the iPhone 4S since its launch last month. Most of the commentary about Siri is positive. However, as with every speech recognition and artificial intelligence (AI) software, there are more than a few amusing Siri responses that have been published. The site 4Siri.com collected Siri responses and have them available for your education and amusement.

Siri responses are grouped in three categories:

1. The Funniest Siri Answers

Example Question: What are you wearing?. Siri-answer: Aluminosilicate glass and stainless steel. Nice, huh!

2. Other Cool Siri Answers
Example Question: What is the temperature outside? Siri-answer: [Display of the current temperature and forecast from The Weather Channel]

3. Siri Answers to Naughty Questions
Example: [Say almost any curse word in English]. Siri-response: I’ll pretend I didn’t hear that.

The site provides a mechanism for you to send your own Siri contribution. Submission requires your name and email address. Submissions are made using screenshots of Siri’s response on an iPhone 4S.

This site provides a good sampling of Siri responses for those of us who want to know more about Siri without buying an iPhone 4S.