40 Websites Now Live with Facebook Connect

It’s been one week since Facebook opened Facebook Connect to all developers, and the total number of sites which have launched Facebook Connect is now 40 and counting, with a couple new sites launching every day.

The sites range from independent blogs like Inside Facebook and TechCrunch to properties owned by large media companies like CBS and CNN to consumer web services like CitySearch and vLane.

However, some prominent sites that participated in the Facebook Connect beta launch event at f8 in July still haven’t launched integrations, including Digg and Six Apart, which presented demos of their Facebook Connect integrations at the time.

Here’s the full list:

  1. BrainFall.com
  2. Cantorion
  3. CBS’s The Insider
  4. Citysearch
  5. CNN’s The Forum
  6. Connected Weddings
  7. Deadspin
  8. Diary.com
  9. The Doghouse
  10. EventVue
  11. Fetch This!
  12. Game-Rate
  13. Global Grind
  14. Govit
  15. Howcast
  16. Huddler
  17. IModules
  18. Indie GoGo
  19. Inkling
  20. Inside Facebook
  21. Inside Social Games
  22. Jooveler
  23. Lociraj.net
  24. MapMyFitness.com
  25. MapMyRide.com
  26. MapMyRun.com
  27. MapMyTri.com
  28. MapMyWalk.com
  29. MileSplit US
  30. Mloovi
  31. Mobnotes.com
  32. MoveOn.org
  33. MyBarackObama
  34. Newsbrane
  35. Red Bull
  36. San Francisco Chronicle
  37. TechCrunch
  38. Vimeo
  39. vLane
  40. Xobni

We’ll be tracking websites that adopt Facebook Connect over the course of the coming months.