4 Cool and easy ways to print your digital photos

In the old days, it wasn’t uncommon for rolls of photo film (remember those?) to sit around undeveloped and forgotten. Nowadays, it’s commonplace for digital photos to never leave the camera. For those of us who still appreciate holding photos in our hands, here are a few ways to print those digital images without a lot of time or effort.

Print online

Snapfish was one of the first websites to offer online photo printing and years later, it’s still one of those best ways to print your photos without leaving your computer. Snapfish allows you to upload any number of digital images to the site and print them in a variety of sizes and on various media. A reasonable shipping fee gets your printed photos delivered directly to your doorstep.

Print wirelessly

Many of the top printer manufacturers like HP, Canon, Brother, and Epson all have iPhone and iPad apps that allow the user to print photos wirelessly using a wifi connection. The Canon app, for example, lets you select photos from your mobile device, choose the size and paper type, and connect to a nearby printer using a local wireless network.

Use Facebook

If you’ve already uploaded those digital pics to Facebook, you can easily print them using sites like Foto Friend that allow you to connect your Facebook account to the printing service. After you log in to Facebook via a link on the Foto Friend site, you can select images from your photo albums or photos from your friends’ albums. You can also print Facebook photos at Kodak kiosks at select Target stores.

Find a local store

Many pharmacy/grocery stores that have photo departments now allow you to upload your prints online and pick them up in the store. Both Walgreens and CVS here in the States offer the service, as do Tesco stores in the UK.

If you’re still not ready to print those digital photos, Mental Floss has some tips on how to store and save your files so you can retrieve them later.