30% of People Surveyed Say They Would Pay for Facebook

Abrams Research took advantage of last week’s Social Media Week here in New York to ask 200 “social media leaders” their thoughts on the future of social media. Perhaps not surprisingly, Facebook and Twitter proved quite popular (LinkedIn is named as the “dark horse,” MySpace is “uncool”). See if you agree with some of the conclusions.

Mark Zuckerberg may want to take note! Many people are so devoted to Facebook they would pay for it if they had to.

  • When asked which social media service they’d be most likely to pay for, 32.2% chose Facebook — followed by 29.7% choosing business-networking site LinkedIn. The contrast of Facebook’s bells-and-whistles features (photos, status updates, newsfeed, tagging) with the bare-bones networking functionality of LinkedIn suggests that many people find social networking most valuable for making professional connections. Twitter — the top pick for business use — came in third, with 21.8%.

That said, when it comes to businesses people recommend getting on the Twitter!

  • A whopping 40% of respondents picked Twitter as the number-one social media service for businesses. LinkedIn came in a distant second (21.3%), followed by YouTube (18.8%), with Facebook an even more distant fourth at 15.3%.

Full results, such as the best way to monetize a site, and what site will be the first to die, along with participant comments (“I would pay for other necessities, like oxygen, water, and food. Therefore I would also pay for Facebook.”) can be found here.