30 Must-have gifts for journalists

With Christmas just a few weeks away, it’s time to start shopping for the perfect holiday gift. If you haven’t figured out just what to purchase the journalist, photographer, techie or geek in your life, this list might inspire a few ideas. Prices are arranged from low to high.

Obscenely Important Memo Pad

They’ll never forget that everything you have to say deserves immediate attention when you present it to them on this notepad. Designate the urgency of your memo as lukewarm, hot, boiling or on fire.

Shop at Moxie | $6.50

Pamela Barsky Luggage Tags

Luggage Tags from Pamela Barsky come in six bright colors and are stamped with notes like, “I’m pretty sure this isn’t your bag” and “Nothing worth stealing in here.”

See Jane Work | $10

PicoPad Wallet Notes

Credit card-sized notebook complete with ballpoint pen and self-stick notes, all of which fits in your wallet or purse.

Amazon | $11.99

Inflight Comfort Kit

Kit contains all the amenities that those first class passengers get, only these are made out a super soft jersey material that feels great on your skin: inflatable neck pillow, padded eye-mask, ten sheets of handy paper soap, hand and face wet wipe, and foam ear plugs all in a convenient jersey drawstring carry bag.

The Spoon Sisters | $13.95

Fuzz Crime Scene Scarf

Create your own crime scene with this extra-long, extra cozy knit scarf.

Perpetual Kid | $14.99

Newspaper Wallet

Eco-friendly, made with 25% recycled material. Contains six different storage areas yet is super thin.

Vinyled | $15

Chocolate Pie Chart

5.5 oz chocolate chart made of 70% milk, 20% dark and 10% white chocolate.

Mary & Matt | $20

Scrabble Diamond Anniversary Edition

Features sleek black and silver tiles, a rotating board splashed with color, curved letter racks of smoky red plastic, and more.

Amazon | $22.43

RoadPro Coffee Maker

This 5-cup coffee maker plugs directly into your car. The hot plate will keep your coffee warm and has a re-usable basket-type filter.

Amazon | $27.49

Alphabet Ice Trays

Made out of black silicone, pretty much everything can be turned into letters. The set includes three trays for the entire alphabet.

Charles & Marie | $30.00

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“Eight Hours of Fame” TV pillowcase

Fifteen minutes of fame? Try eight hours every night with this TV pillowcase.

productofyourenvironment | £25

The Bowler Camera Bag

Stylish design makes this one of the most fashionable camera bags on the market. Designed for DSLRs and traditional, old-school cameras, this bag will carry your camera in high style.

Acme Made | $39.99

Select-A-Date New York Times Jigsaw Puzzle

A custom jigsaw puzzle created for you when you select any inclusive date from 1888 to 2001 from the front page of the New York Times.

Hammacher Schlemmer | $49.95

Newspaper Print Clutch Bag

A fun newspaper print fabric; in black and white. The lining is mustard yellow cotton. The frame is polished silver.

Etsy | $50

USB Microphone

Popular choice for Skype, VOIP, court reporters, students, business people, voice recognition, and podcasting.

Planet Headset | $59

Manual Keyboard Pen

Technology meets tradition in this ballpoint pen that features a keyboard wrapped around its barrel.

Uncommon Goods | $62

Transcend Photo Frame

Equipped with a crisp, high-resolution 7-inch LCD panel with automatic color enhancement, rotational sensor, FM radio/MP3 playback and 2GB of internal memory.

Amazon | $99.99

Clear Harmony Foldable, Noise-Canceling Headphones

The NC200 features an adjustable headband, superior sound quality and clarity, in-line volume control for easy adjustment to safe listening levels and state-of-the-art active noise cancellation.

AblePlanet | $99.99

KATA Multimedia Backpack

The separate zip-pocket safely holds your 12 inch laptop in place. The side zip-pocket has a practical cable outlet so you can listen to music on the go.

Pro-Idee | £94.50

KATA Photo Bag

Quick access to a camera has never been faster with a sling that offers a quick release and one-handed bag opening for camera access. Left-handed photog
raphers can celebrate as they discover the first photo bag that can be configured as a left-handed sling.

Amazon | $124.90

Quicktionary TS

The Quicktionary TS can scan a word or a full line of text and provide immediate word-by-word translation, including idioms and phrases.

SkyMall | $179.95

Tiffany Business Card Case

Opulent business card case in sterling silver

Tiffany & Co. | $275

The Orator’s Briefcase PA System

This briefcase converts into a lectern and battery powered public address system in seconds, providing a convenient platform for organizing presentation materials and amplifying lectures.

Hammacher Schlemmer | $349.95

Evolution Mobile Portable Bar

Build the ultimate portable home bar in five minutes or less. This serious set up comes in a compact case so it can be packed up when you want to take it with you, or put into storage when you need the space for other things

KegWorks | $1,499

Bulletproof Polo Shirt

This anti-ballistic polo shirt takes safety to a new level. Various options can withstand anything from a 9mm handgun to an Uzi machine gun. Also stab-proof.

FreshPolos.com | $4,000-$6,000

Ferrari 360 Daytona Office Chair

Speed through the day in this repurposed chair

RaceChairs | $6,500

Dunhill Pave Black Diamond USB Key

Boasting an impressive storage of 8GB, this piece of equipment will make that perfect first and lasting impression in any presentation. Oxidized sterling silver base and embellished with 272 black diamonds

dunhill | $6,665

Sonic Lounger

The Sonic Lounger is a state-of-the-art tactile sound system that massages and resonates through the entire body with crystal clear vibration, transferring high fidelity music and low frequencies into the skin, bones and tissue, allowing the subtleties and depth of sound that cannot be heard with the ears to be viscerally experienced.

Taiz Design | $9,000

Multimedia Trailer

The Tailgating Innovations Multimedia Trailer sports a number of high tech features, including a Sony Bravia home theater system with 5.1 surround sound, a 47-inch Visio LCD flat panel television, a 352-square inch cooking area Freedom Grill and four electrical outlets.

Tailgating Innovations | From $12,500

Diamond-Studded Digital Camera

The Ricoh Capilo R5 digital camera includes over 200 diamonds embedded in white gold.

Dalumi | $25,000

Thanks to LikeCOOL, Ooh! Shiny!, technabob and Chip Chick for the tips.