30-130 Blethen Employees To Lose Their Jobs

With the completion of the sale of the Blethen Maine Newspapers to its new owner, at least 31 and as many as 131 employees at the papers could lose their jobs.

Blethen Maine Newspapers, now owned by an investment group called MaineToday Media Inc., includes the Portland Press Herald/Maine Sunday Telegram, Kennebec Journal in Augusta, and the (Waterville) Morning Sentinel. Together with the accompanying Web sites and niche print publications, these papers employ about 500 people.

Minus 30; as last week 31 non-union employees, including some senior managers, were told they wouldn’t have jobs under the new MaineToday management. CEO of MaineToday Richard Connor said that future cuts might cut another 100 jobs, but for now the group is planning no immediate changes.

“With the exception that I am guessing somewhere in the next week we will be adding back some news space. Exactly how much I don’t know,” he told the Kennebec Journal.

130 jobs cut, bigger news hole…not exactly a fair trade, but it does stand in stark contrast to the usual cut-and-cut we see.

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