3 Ways To Get Your Boss To Believe In Social Media

In any organization, when it comes to introducing social media strategy or guidelines often one of the most difficult aspects is getting buy-in from people in higher positions within the company.

While there are many organizations, companies and businesses that have accepted social media more openly than in the past, there is likely to be significant resistance and questions from the corporate-level employees about the value that social media offers their business.

Many people find themselves in the position of wanting to introduce change in their workplace, but find themselves stymied by their bosses and managers. Here are four ways to get buy-in from those people, and begin the process of turning them from skeptics into believers.

Ask to prove them wrong. This could be done in a number of ways. If your organization has a Facebook page, Twitter page, blog, etc., ask to be given administrative access to the profiles. Set a timeline and a deadline. When you arrive at the deadline, meet with the person and show them what you were able to accomplish. Often it is easier to communicate success and failure in social media visually, by showing graphs and data.

Be annoying. If you believe that the company is squandering an opportunity with social media, make sure they know it. Remind the decision-makers in your organization until they give you the opportunity to explain to them why you believe that.

Make it competitive. While you’re trying to convince people of the value that social media offers your company, look at what your company’s competitors are doing. Often competition is a good motivator, especially in business. Get those links in front of the right people. Make sure they know that they’re being lapped by their competition.

If these three things don’t work, then you may be facing greater resistance than you can overcome.

But if you believe that there’s something that can change to help the company you work for, be vocal about it. And keep trying to win those people over.