3 Twitter Ad Trends for USA Vs. Germany World Cup Face-Off

Surprisingly, no Promoted Tweets on a big page

Today's USA vs. Germany World Cup match has already garnered a few interesting developments in terms of brands buying Promoted Tweets.

1. #USAvsGermany is not (totally) for sale.  When you click on the #USAvsGermany hashtag that's been trending all morning, it goes to a landing page that Twitter has designated for the game—and there are no ads. Marketers are only getting brand impressions for the hashtag when viewers use the search box to unearth relevant queries. So instead, far more Promoted Tweet purchases have been made today against the more generic #WorldCup. In an era where it seems social nets are monetizing every inch of their platforms, it's almost a bold move by Twitter to keep brands off that soccer page.

2. Viva fútbol. Whether it's Charmin's Spanish-language tweet-Vine play or Ford's custom jerseys pitch offering Colombia and Mexico teams as alternatives to USA, brands are recognizing the powerful Hispanic consumer set around these games. The Promoted Tweets below underscore how the World Cup can be huge for global brands.

3. [Insert Brand] Wants You. While Uncle Sam hasn't made an appearance in Promoted Tweet creative, patriotism is going strong among social media copywriters today. It's kind of an easy trick—and some may say it's lazy, but given Americans' attention focused on July 4th being right around the corner, it could be the way to go. And if you can grab an awesome World Cup-minded Will Ferrell video like Way Wire did, ah what the hell: #USA! #USA! #USA! BEAT #GER! #IBelieve.

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