3 out of 4 users who claim Facebook Offers do so after hearing about it from a friend

Facebook says the majority of users who claim an Offer on the social network do so after seeing a story about it from a friend, not the original page post.

Specifically, of the 100 most popular Facebook Offers, three-fourths of the claims came from friends of people who shared the Offer, explained Facebook Vice President of Business and Marketing Partnerships David Fischer at DMA 2012. Because claiming an Offer generates a story in News Feed and Timeline, these promotions can quickly go viral and reach a broader audience than a company’s fans. It’s important for Facebook to make this point, especially since Offers are no longer free to run.

About a month ago Facebook began requiring page owners to spend a minimum of $5 or $10 per Offer, with the option to pay more to promote the deal and reach a larger audience. As with Promoted Posts, costs can vary by page, however the first Offer a page creates is free.

Offers are created directly from the page publisher and do not require approval from Facebook before going live. Users can claim Offers on desktop or mobile and they will instantly receive an email from Facebook that includes the Offer voucher. Businesses have the option to add a barcode or unique coupon code to these Offers, allowing them to track how a campaign affected in-store and online sales.

Page owners looking for help creating an Offer can read a how-to on our Facebook Marketing Bible site.