Retired LAPD Sergeants Launch

“Code 7” is police lingo for a meal break. And with the new web venture, retired LAPD sergeants Dan Campbell and Steve Clark (pictured, l to r) want menu-abiding citizens to realize such pauses often involve anything but a half-dozen donuts.

Yes, it’s hard to avoid the donut reference; in fact, the high-calorie staple is mentioned at the top of the website’s welcome message, as well as in this promo video clip.

At press time, the pair have banked 27 video reviews of LA cop eateries and hope to eventually take their Law and Orders show on the road. FishbowlLA is glad to see Eagle Rock’s The Oinkster on the pair’s list of “Top Spots”, and loves the blogged “Dining Rights”:

You have the right to eat good food.
Any restaurant you suggest can and will be tested!…