22 Videos to Get You Pumped for the Fourth of July

From Miracle on Ice to Neil Diamond, you'll be ready for your red, white and blue BBQ

It's time for fireworks, poolside drinks, eating just one more hotdog, and, oh yeah, celebrating 237 consecutive years free of British rule. If you're stuck in traffic headed to the Hamptons, that's something you might forget. To help pump up your patriotism, here are 22 videos that will get you fired up to overthrow King George III, or at least toast freedom. obesity, McMansions, baseball, hamburgers and everything else that is great about the USA:

Epic Meal Time: Meat America

Rocky's "If you could change" speech from Rocky 4.

Neil Diamond's Coming to America, set to images of immigrants.

Will Smith and DJ Jazzy Jeff see a pattern: awesome summer videos.

Good luck not crying watching these soldiers return home.

Boston Strong anthem

America is about traditions.


More Fireworks

Miracle on Ice


Gotta have Lee Greenwood.

This has nothing to do with the United States, but freedom is awesome.

Phillies fans react to bin Laden.


Simon and Garfunkel, America

Chuck Berry is way American.

Team America World Police says it all.

Some Cougar


Bill Murray's Stripes speech on Americans

This Land Is Your Land. Damn right it is.