Tribeca Film Festival Curates Some ‘California Dreaming’

Among this year's selected 72 shorts: a half-dozen about "an L.A. kind of life."

It’s being billed as the festival’s “first program of stories about an L.A. kind of life.” Looking over the half-dozen titles that comprise “California Dreaming,” announced today along with the rest of the 2016 edition’s shorts line-up, there is much for West Coast folks now living in New York to get excited about.

That Dog (19 minutes / U.S. Premiere) is the directorial debut of musician Nick Thorburn who, among other things, has previously scored the podcast Serial. Helping fill out the cast of three L.A. apartment building mates is another eminently talented Canadian, Michael Cera.

The Board (11 minutes / World Premiere), a new offering from talented writer-director David Shane, applies some new-age technology to the age-old challenge of a high school boy trying to get a girl’s attention.

The Chauffeur (28 minutes / World Premiere) stars TV vet Cedric Yarbrough in the titular role. An occupation which, along with those of restaurant server and bartender, keeps a great many creative types in Los Angeles in step.

The Duke (21 minutes / New York Premiere) is Max Barbakow‘s AFI thesis film and the most seriously premised short in the “California Dreaming” bunch. It tells the story of an NFL linebacker struggling with the effects of CET. LaMonica Garrett plays a former linebacker struggling with life after his playing days, in this case while hosting a barbeque on Super Bowl Sunday.

Girl Band (12 minutes / World Premiere) features three writer-directors (Kerry Furrh, Cailin Lowry, Olivia Mitchell) and four protagonists who are planning to finally make the big musical move to L.A.

Super Sex (World Premiere) is likely to make the biggest media wave of all in this series. It was directed and written by Matthew Modine; stars Ed Asner in the lead; pairs him with a for-hire and much younger sex partner (Ruby Modine); and has SNL alum Kevin Nealon and Weeds co-star Elizabheth Perkins playing his adult-age kids.

Modine also got some help for this one from members of the New York Film Academy. While filming, Nealon made a point to clarifiy via Instagram that Super Sex is #NotPorno.

All of the above films will be shown together as one program. Exact screening times and locations for this year’s Tribeca Film Festival will be released March 15. See you there!