Sharon Stone Gag Article Hits Front Page of Yahoo

We were definitely stunned this morning when we saw the following headline parked at the top of Yahoo’s front-page Entertainment news scroll:

Although the front page outlet-tag credits only Variety, the article is actually from the Hollywood trade’s satire partner Hollywood & Swine. The four-paragraph item was fed to Yahoo on Saturday and republished minus the framing disclaimer, fooling some readers, puzzling others and offending many more:

What’s even more embarrassing is that 17 hours and several thousand comments into the oversight, Yahoo has yet to banner-correct their version of the article. Variety‘s feed should not include Hollywood & Swine content, but ultimately, the culpability for this Cannes content gaffe belongs to the receiving end. The only consolation perhaps for the gang that Marissa Mayer is trying to set straight is that they were not the only ones fooled this weekend.

Tangentially, the Stone gag article contains a very disparaging, sexist swipe at the actress’ famous Basic Instinct interrogation scene. Begging the separate question – Is this really the kind of thing Jay Penske’s revamped Variety wants to be blaring out to the world?

Update – 06/02/13: Variety has amended the article headline to “Humor: Sharon Stone Named Suspect in Cannes Jewel Heist.” Yahoo also now shows that version of the article.