‘Sundance Skippy’ Set for Another Celebrity-Filled Festival

Orem, Utah celebrity fan Scott Jessop has already triumphed in a way that Sundance Film Festival cognoscenti can appreciate: he was the star of his very own indie documentary. But that was 2010 and this is now.

Tomorrow, Jessop, a.k.a. “Sundance Skippy,” will descend on Park City to begin his eighth year of attempting to be photographed alongside as many celebrities as possible. He hopes one day to turn the hanging-with-famous-people thing into a full-time journalism career, and tells a student reporter at Brigham Young University he boned up for 2012 via an unlikely source:

When asked how he is able to spot the celebrities so well, Jessop said he watches a lot of TV and watches TMZ every day. He also suggests going through the [Sundance] film guide and knowing what celebrities are going to be there so one can keep a lookout for them.

To follow Jessop’s latest celeb-chasing efforts, check out his Twitter page @IAmSkippy or similarly named website. On his “About” page, Jessop lists Ben Affleck as his favorite celebrity and Quentin Tarantino as the “worst.”

[Photo of Jessop with Tobey Maguire at 2011 Sundance Film Festival courtesy IAmSkippy.com]

Update – 01/26/12: The Wall Street Journal‘s Speakeasy blog picks up the Skippy strand today, dubbing him “The (Unofficial) Mascot of Sundance