2012: The Year Of Social Business Strategy

For a lot of business, 2011 was the year of “finding itself” in its attempt to bring itself online in the social media era. Almost over night, thousands of social media-centric job openings began appearing on job boards. Some of them were more traditional-sounding roles, while others appeared to be completely new.

Businesses learned a lot of lessons – sometimes the hard way – about how social media and online communities work, from a business and revenue perspective.

But now that we’re heading into 2012, attention is turning away from building a team, and towards putting those teams to work and coming up with a plan that scales, makes sense and ultimately is good for business.

In the above graphic, by David Armano, EVP of Edelman Digital, we see a window into how the planning will take place.

Ultimately it will all come down to developing the social business side of a company. That has many moving parts, and will take time to develop and implement.

There is no single road to success when it comes to this. Every company is different, and their internal structures have different requirements and functions.

But planning is key. Identifying stakeholders and developing your plan around them – and with their input – is key to getting any social business strategy off the ground.

As you can see, social business isn’t designated to a single department within a company. Rather, it is far reaching and requires the involvement of people both in the C-Suite and on the ground.

2012 is the year when talk turns into action, and teams formed to develop plans and strategy, really get to work.