2012 Gerald Loeb Award Winners Announced

Below are the 2012 Gerald Loeb Award winners, via Talking Biz News. The Loeb’s are given for excellence in business journalism. Congrats to all.

Large Newspapers

Medium & Small Newspapers

  • Raquel Rutledge, Rick Barrett, John Diedrich, Ben Poston and Mike de Sisti for “Shattered Trust” in Milwaukee Journal Sentinel
  • Spencer Soper and Scott Kraus for “Inside Amazon’s Warehouse” in The Morning Call



  • Zanny Minton Beddoes, Edward Carr, John Peet, Patrick Foulis and John O’Sullivan for “Euro Zone” in The Economist

Breaking News

Beat Reporting

News Services

  • Brian Grow, Kelly Carr, Laurence Fletcher, Nanette Byrnes, Matthew Bigg, Joshua Schneyer, Cynthia Johnston and Sara Ledwith for “Shell Games” in Reuters


  • Jeff Fager, Bill Owens, Claudia Weinstein, Steve Kroft, Ira Rosen, Gabrielle Schonder, Tadd J. Lascari and Andy Soto for “The Insiders” on CBS News’ 60 Minutes

Online Enterprise

  • Mark Maremont, Tom McGinty, Jon Keegan, Palani Kumanan, Sarah Slobin and Neil King Jr. for “Jet Tracker” for The Wall Street Journal


Personal Finance

Broadcast Enterprise

  • Laura Sydell and Alex Blumberg for “When Patents Attack” on NPR and This American Life Collaboration

Business Books

  • Walter Isaacson for “Steve Jobs” published by Simon & Schuster