Oscar Watcher Predicts: Ben Stiller Will Host Next Show

We like Sasha Stone’s way of thinking. In reaction to the latest wave of media speculation about Billy Crystal returning for a ninth turn as Oscar show host, the AwardsDaily.com maven instead has her money on another, younger, more logical star:

Somehow I doubt if they’re going to all the trouble to hire the presumed “young and hip” Brett Ratner to produce, it seems unlikely they will veer off that path and head into more traditional waters with Crystal.  More likely, Ben Stiller is the one they’ll get to host.  Stiller is starring in Ratner’s upcoming Tower Heist.  I have my money on Stiller hosting.

The trigger for this latest Crystal clatch was an August 15 item on TheEnvelope.com by Geoff Boucher. At a recent Santa Monica Q&A for a 20th anniversary screening City Slickers, the actor indicated he was open to the idea.

FishbowlLA has long been pushing for Jimmy Kimmel to take over the Bob HopeJohnny Carson Oscar tradition. But Stiller could be a good fit as well, provided none of the writers who worked on Little Fockers has anything to do with his opening monologue.