2010 Will be Remembered as the Year $9.99 Became the Standard Price for All Things “E”

We’re just two Saturdays away from iPad-day. And, here’s my iPad related question for the day: Will e-products (ebooks, e-music, apps, etc.) all be priced at $9.99? Amazon has already set $9.99 as the standard price for an ebook. It looks like Apple will follow their lead. iTunes and Amazon albums seem to hover around $9.99. And, Apple’s iPad iWorks apps (Pages, Numbers, & Keynote) will be priced at $9.99 each. My guess is that many of the more complex apps designed specifically for the iPad will be priced around $9.99 too. My other guess is that the free apps will all have some kind of in-app purchase options (especially digital magazines). Will e-subscriptions be priced at $9.99 per year?

2010 may be the year of $9.99.