2008 FishbowlDC Hottest Media Types Contest


The long wait is over and now it’s time for you to reap the rewards of all of those long hours in the gym.

And is there any better way to endure the slow summer news cycle than by spending hours at your computer voting in our Hottest Media Types poll?

Beginning today, we’ll accept nominations for FishbowlDC’s 2008 Hottest Media Types Contest. Here’s how it’ll work


We have six categories:

  • Hottest Male, On Air

  • Hottest Male, Off Air

  • Hottest Female, On Air

  • Hottest Female, Off Air

  • Hottest Male in P.R.

  • Hottest Female in P.R.

    NOTE: “Hottest Male/Female in P.R.” can (and, really, should) include all those lovely Capitol Hill press secretaries.

    (See the 2007 winners here, the 2006 winners here and the 2005 winners here.)


  • They have to be DC-based and in the media.

  • Make sure you let us know who they are (i.e. job title, job location) and provide an email.

  • Anonymity guaranteed in the nomination process (even if you, ahem, nominate yourself).

  • We love it when you describe how hot they are, so do that if you can.

  • Send a picture or a link to a picture of your favorite hottie. We’re sure that Joe Schmoe from so-and-so news organization is wicked hot, but until the National Press Club makes a Facebook for every single journalist / pr person / Capitol Hill press secretary in town, we’ll need your help. Your chances of making the final cut drastically improve if we can, well, actually see what the person looks like.

  • We will accept nominations through the end of next week and then select the finalists. After that, the voting will begin.

    Send us an email (fishbowlDC at mediabistro dot com) or drop us a line in the anonymous tips box with your nominees.

    SO, WHO’S HOT?!?