2007 = More Zaha


‘Tis shaping up to be another year full of Zaha Hadid, the famous, well, first an architect, but lately, sort of everything else under the sun. From Dezain, we were pointed over to Vernissage TV, which has a great video up of her most recent exhibit at the Designer’s Gallery. Here’s a description, before you head off to go watch:

Designer’s Gallery / Gabrielle Ammann presents selected pieces from the work of architect and 2004 laureate of the Pritzker Architecture Prize, Zaha Hadid. On display are design objects, architectural models and Zaha Hadid’s “Silver Paintings” in an effort to make the interrelationship of architecture, design and art visible. The exhibition runs through March 25, 2007. Designer’s Gallery / Gabrielle Ammann, Cologne.