It’s 1994: Howie Kurtz Combs His Hair

It’s hard not to binge on WaPo media writer and CNN host Howard Kurtz at a time like this. Kurtz will soon set up shop as Washington Bureau Chief for The Daily Beast.

Today we bring you Kurtz in 1994. As in 1991, he still has a heavy bang look but more of a salad bowl shape. The hair color is a shiny dark chocolate hue. The segment is from his Sunday evening Liveline WRQX-FM radio talk show as captured by C-SPAN I and II as part of a week-long televising of D.C. radio shows. “We are going to act completely naturally here even though we are suddenly having our 12 seconds of fame here on national television,” Kurtz said on air. “I combed my hair, which I don’t normally do.”

In this segment he interviews children: Judy, and her sister, Bonnie. They read from the book, Dear Mr. President, on former President Bill Clinton. A sampling of questions:

1. Dear Mr. Prez do the secret service guys guard sox as good as you even though he’s just a cat?

2. Dear Mr. President, when you talk on TV you sound like you know everything. Do you really or are you just faking it?

3. Dear Mr. President, you are very nice looking except for the puffy bags under your eyes. You have to go to bed earlier.

4. Dear Mr. President, does Chelsea get to wear lipstick? I need to know before Saturday.

Watch and listen here.