16GB Nexus 7 Is Sold Out

The 16GB version of Google’s new Nexus 7 tablet, which began shipping earlier this month,  is already sold out in the Google Play Store. Customers who wish to purchase the $249 device can give their email address to Google to sign up for an alert for when stocks of the tablet become available. In the meantime, the 8GB $199 version of the tablet is currently in stock.

The 16GB device is also out of stock at partner retailers. PC World has more: “Recently, stocks of the Nexus 7 were also proving difficult to find on local retail shelves.  GameStop quit taking orders for the Nexus 7 shortly after the tablet started shipping in mid-July, and around the same time Staples announced it was sold out. Staples now lists the Nexus 7 as available in-store only and on special order, and GameStop lists the Nexus 7 16GB tablet as back-ordered.”

For those people who can’t wait, eBay has plenty of 16GB Google tablets listed for sale at premium prices.