16 Best Facebook Connect Plugins for Your Blog, Forum, Wiki, or CMS

facebook-connect-logoEver since Facebook Connect launched late last year, it has brought reliable identity to blogs and community sites for the first time. Because everyone knows who’s talking when a user authenticates through Facebook Connect, the quality of online conversation has increased: more people are commenting, and comments are more authentic.

Over the last nine months, several third party plugins have been developed to make it easy for you to integrate Facebook Connect with your blog, forum, wiki, or CMS tool. We’ve included the best ones below – take a look and find the one that bets fits your needs.

WordpressFacebook Connect Plugins for WordPress

  • WP-FBConnect – This is an open source WordPress plugin created by Facebook engineer Adam Hupp. It’s very simple and adds login and commenting to your blog through Facebook Connect.
  • Sociable Plugin – This is also an open source WordPress plugin. In addition to commenting, the Sociable plugin also offers community features like recent visitors, inviting friends, and sharing comments with friends on Facebook.
  • Gigya Socialize – This plugin not only lets users login through Facebook Connect, but also aggregates APIs from MySpace, Twitter, and webmail platforms including Yahoo, Gmail, and AOL. With Gigya, users can log in, post content to the News Feed, and update their status.

MovabletypeFacebook Connect Plugins for Movable Type & TypePad

  • Movable Type Plugin – This is an open source plugin created by Six Apart which adds Facebook Connect to any site powered by Movable Type. Facebook users can sign in, comment, and share links back on Facebook.
  • TypePad Plugin – This plugin is available to all TypePad bloggers that lets users easily login to TypePad blogs with their Facebook accounts to make comments, share posts through the News Feed, and invite friends to check out the blog.

Blog Services with Facebook Connect

  • jskitJS-Kit Echo – JS-Kit Echo is a powerful cross-site commenting package for publishers to let lets users sign in, comment, and share using their Facebook account. Ratings and polls are also included.
  • DisqusDisqus – Disqus is a cross-site blog commenting system that includes powerful tracking and bridging features. Users can now authenticate with their Facebook accounts.
  • RPX – JanRain’s RPX authentication system allows users to authenticate with Facebook through Facebook Connect, as well as MySpace, OpenID and other logins.


Facebook Connect Modules for Drupal

  • Fconnect – This is Facebook Connect module for Drupal developed by Vishal Sood. It lets visitors use their Facebook accounts to login and interact.
  • fbconnect – This is a Drupal module developed by Xinhui Xu that includes core Facebook Connect features like login, inviting friends, and publishing feed stories back to Facebook.


Facebook Connect Plugins for Forums

MediawikiFacebook Connect Plugins for Wikis

joomlaFacebook Connect Plugins for Joomla

  • jConnector Facebook Connect Component for Joomla – This is an open source Joomla component that allows users to sign in using their Facebook account. A regular Joomla! user account is created and can be administered as usual afterwards.
  • JFBConnect Facebook Connect for Joomla – This Facebook Connect component that for Joomla allows users to register through Facebook and also creates a standard Joomla user and allows for user profiles to be automatically imported into Community Builder or JomSocial.
  • FBComments Joomla Plugin for JFBConnect Powered Sites – This is a Joomla plugin that places the Facebook Comments widget at the bottom of articles in selected catagories.
  • jwFacebook Comments Plugin – This is an open source Joomla Plugin designed to create a Facebook Comments box below the full article view in Joomla 1.5 articles.