15 Examples of Bad Parents on Twitter

Did you fail in the art of raising your kids?  Did your parents fail to nurture you properly?  The phrase “Parenting Fail” was a trending topic on Twitter yesterday afternoon.  Tweeters around the globe have been posting their hilarious thoughts about what it takes to fail as a parent. 

The term ‘FAIL’ is extremely rad among the kids these days.  And it is used as a one-word exclamation – in order to point out a person’s incompetence.  Or it becomes the punchline to highlight a person’s inability to successfully complete a task.  So, for example, one may say, “The blogger, who wrote this article, unsuccessfully tried to relate to the younger generation by using a dated word like ‘rad’.  …FAIL!”

There is an amazing website dedicated to the phenomenon called failblog.org. Internet folk submit amazing photographs that point out hubris, stupidity and the imperfections of human beings.  Check out this amazing picture from the site:

It is a product called “Puppy Tweets” that has clearance stickers all over it.  It is a collar that your dog wears.  And the sound/motion detector sends appropriate Tweets to your computer.  So, if your dog barks, the collar will send a tweet that translates what he or she might be ‘saying’.  I am sure tons of people look at this and say, ‘Obviously it’s on clearance.  What a FAIL of an idea!”.  But I am willing to bet that there are hundreds of dog/Twitter lovers out there who are thinking, “This is the greatest invention of all time.” And if you’re like me, “Buy  Puppy Tweets” is on your ‘to do’ list for tomorrow.  And as the kids would say, I just commited a “dog-owner FAIL.”

We created a list of the most hilarious or thought provoking tweets centered around today’s trending topic.  Take a look at what the Twitterverse considers to be a Parenting Fail.

15.  Party FAIL

14.  Pop Idol FAIL

13.  Anything-For-Love FAIL

12.  Try Not to Inherit the Cape

11.  Sad But True

10.  Celebrity Tweet

9.  The Bank Account Suggests Otherwise

8.  Obeying-The-Law Fail!

7.  A Sincere Tweet

6.  For Your Own Good

5.  A Child’s WIN = A Parent’s FAIL

4.  Delicious Cures

3. Cringe-worthy!

2.  The Fail Whale

1.  Star Wars Fail

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