128-Year-Old ‘American Printer’ Folds, Citing Bad Economy

American Printer, a 128-year-old trade magazine, is closing after the August issue.

“There won’t be a September issue,” editor Katherine O’Brien said in a blog post.

“Penton, our parent company, stuck with us through some mighty lean months, but ultimately, there was no foreseeable model to achieve profitability,” she added.

American Printer began life in 1883 as Inland Printer. After World War 2, the magazine was purchased and merged into another title named THE INLAND and AMERICAN PRINTER AND LITHOGRAPHER. That mouthful of a name eventually became American Printer.

O’Brien bid farewell to some of her staff in the blog post:

“I would like to thank all of my fellow Penton sales, production, marketing, art and editorial employees. It is particularly difficult to say goodbye to Denise Kapel, Michael Koch, Nsenga Thompson, Yolanda Simonsis, Claudia Hine, Tim Janes and Cheryl Mangano. I can only echo Lou Grant: I cherish you people.”

Good luck to everyone.

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