12 Things to tell your tech-impaired editor

1. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither is any good multimedia project worth its salt.

2. You want to do video? You’re gonna have to pay for a decent video camera.

3. Every story doesn’t require an elaborate Flash project.

4. No, Twitter is not a bird, it’s the next wave of journalism.

5. Waiting until a story has run in the paper first isn’t just ridiculous; it’s a recipe for failure.

6. If you’re going to triple my workload, you’re eventually going to have to pay me more.

7. Sure, the local blogger posted the story five minutes before we did, but we’d rather be accurate than fast.

8. The web is not a dumping ground for stories.

9. Time to wise up to the internets buddy, before you’re laid off too.

10. Being an “online news director” requires a thorough understanding of online news.

11. Multimedia skills don’t just appear; you gotta pony up the dough for training.

12. I’m not surfing the internet, I’m doing research.