11 Reasons To Save The Press

“What’s a kidnapper to do? Print out letters at home using different fonts and point sizes?”

Beth Teitell’s opinion piece in Sunday’s Boston Globe asks this and lists ten other things we won’t be able to do in a paperless world (line birdcages, pack delicate china, hide from the rain when you’ve forgotten your umbrella). Har har, we say, because everyone knows that newsprint isn’t going away even if big, well-funded newspapers are—but then we remember that this was printed in the Globe and so we feel a little sad.

Plus, apparently this list ain’t too innacurate: One commenter added this: “I think there will be more than enough FREE copies of the Metro, Phoenix, supermarket flyers etc. to handle most of these on the list.

But on occasion I’ve found myself buying the Sunday Globe partly to have newspaper around for some of these reasons – specifically, to clean windows and mirrors with.”

(Would-be kidnappers can try this awesome ransom note generator