10,000 Words Makes It Onto The List of 100 Twitter Accounts for Journalism Students

Schools are in session across the country, which means a new crop of up-and-coming journalists are getting their start in the fast-paced and exciting world of journalism.

While students can hone their journalism chops through student publications, internships, and freelance work, there’s something to be gained from watching professional journalists work their craft. Twitter is a great way to observe a journalist day in and day out, and Journalism.co.uk recently released a list of 100 suggested Twitter accounts for journalism students to follow.

The site compiled the list (which includes the 10,000 Words Twitter account) by crowd sourcing suggestions from its followers on Twitter, noted Sarah Marshall, the site’s technology editor, in an email interview.

“We used the hashtag #jstudentlist and asked for suggestions,” Marshall said. “I originally envisaged the list being 50 must-follows but extended it when we got so many suggestions.”

Now I’m usually pretty skeptical of lists such as this, which I most often assume are put together for SEO purposes, but this list was very well thought out and provides students with a nice mix of reporters, editors, academic types, social media professionals and news organizations, among others.

Although there are plenty of accounts I would have included, it’s difficult to try to fit everyone worth inclusion on the list. But students should follow these handles — Journalism.co.uk has created a Twitter list for these accounts — and then learn from them: See what they post, read what they share and observe how they engage with their followers and work their beats.

See the full list on the Journalism.co.uk site →