10 Must-See Digital Marketing Stats From the Week: Nov. 17-21

How Times Square's largest billboard performed, plus Coke's video data

Headshot of Christopher Heine

Here are this week's 10 most enticing data points from the digital marketing space, including stats from newsmakers Uber and Flurry. Check them out below.

1. Times Square's humongous new digital billboard caught people's attention this week—even if they weren't in midtown Manhattan. According to stats from SapientNitro's Social Studio division, it tracked an estimated 530 million media impressions between Nov. 17 and Nov. 19. Google will debut an ad on it next week.

2. Uber had an unusually controversial week—even by its standards. And per a Digiday story, App Annie Intelligence numbers reveal that the car-sharing app's download ranking fell from 24 to 41 since Nov. 15. In other words, the development hasn't just amounted to media hemming and hawing: It apparently hurt the San Francisco-based tech company.

3. Coca-Cola's YouTube channel has accrued 423 million video views, while Pepsi has garnered just 203 million. Per Virool's data, Coke gets an engagement rate of 2.6 percent versus Pepsi's 0.9 percent.

4. Need more evidence that mobile video is surging? According to Yahoo-owned Flurry, it serves more than 100 million video ads every month via more than a billion devices around the world.

5. On Tuesday, we learned that ESPN, Yahoo, CBS Sports and Sports Illustrated were seeing huge surges in mobile football viewing. Well, later this week, Fox Sports Digital told us that it experienced a 90 percent jump in mobile traffic last month compared to October 2013 thanks to its football-loving viewers.

6. With all of the activity shifting to mobile, of course, something's got to give in the sports category. And comScore revealed desktop traffic dropped in October across the board. ESPN (down 10 percent), Sports Illustrated (down 15 percent) and Sporting News (down 25 percent) saw the biggest year-over-year dips, indicating a shrinking number of people are tethered to their home or work computers.

7. Sixty-seven percent of households with millennials own a game console, according to the Future Foundation. Game on, indeed.

8. What's the most-shared online video of 2014 so far? It's Activia's spot with pop star Shakira, which has inspired nearly 5.8 million shares.

9. Domain masking and domain identity theft affects about 46 percent of ads sold on open exchanges, per Pixalate. And the ad analytics platform said such fraud is a scourge on premium sites like YouTube, The Weather Channel and Yahoo.

10. Ugly sweaters are no joke, folks. Web retailer Forever Collectibles is on pace to sell 300,000 ugly sweaters by the end of the holidays while racking up $10 million in sales, according to Bloomberg Businessweek.

@Chris_Heine Christopher Heine is a New York-based editor and writer.