10 Most Outrageously Awesome Celebrity Twitter Accounts

Ah, celebrities. The best parts of Twitter can often be summed up by our ability to watch some famous person give their PR handlers heart attacks in real time with their unfiltered commentary on life.  There are plenty of perfectly pleasant but blatantly boring celebrity tweeters.  Below we’ve listed some of our favorite entertainers who are anything but boring.


50cent’s tweets are hysterical simply due to his willingness to swear and taunt haters one second and then turn around and tell people not to smoke weed before class because “you ain’t gonna learn”.  I love this guy.

@RustyRockets (Russell Brand)

As anyone who knows even the tiniest bit about Russell Brand would expect, following the RustyRockets twitter stream is anything but bland.   Even if the tweets don’t always make sense, they’ll make you laugh. It helps if you read them in a British accent.


If you need a daily dose of slightly offensive material in your Twitter timeline, Sarah Silverman often delivers.  You admittedly have to have a certain sense of humor to appreciate her comedic prowess, but if you do….you’re in luck.


Denis Leary is pretty old school when it comes to comedy, but there are little gems here and there in his Twitter stream of conciousness.  His bold and outspoken nature would seem to be the perfect match for such an unfiltered outlet and we’re hoping he lets loose a little more often.


Speaking of cutting lose….this former baseball all-star and martial arts artist has a bad-boy reputation we can now appreciate after following him on Twitter for some time.  The man just does not hold back, and it ranges from being solidly entertaining to sometimes a little confusing and sad.


Conan’s pop-culture peak may have already passed, but you’d never know it from the solid gold tweets he continues to generate.  This is the daily dose of funny everyone needs in their days. If you’re not already one of the 2.5+ million people following him, you best get on board the Conan train.


Yes, that Brian Dunkleman.  He’s new to Twitter and no one seems to have caught on yet – that should change soon because he’s already made me chuckle more than once. (P.S. It doesn’t look like he’s following @RyanSeacrest. Bad feelings?)


Another newbie to Twitter and he’s already tweeting gold as he gets the hang of things.  His movies either make you cry from laughing (admit it) or squirm in your seats.  His tweets are falling happily in line with that precedent.


This is not the Dad you remember from Full House.  For those who  know the truly twisted sense of humor displayed by Mr. Saget in his stand-up routines, hunt him down ASAP and follow.  He’s not tweeting constantly but when he does, it’s guaranteed to please.


Did you honestly think we’d leave the ultimate winner off this list?