10 Clues That Someone On Facebook Might Unfriend You

Not everyone can be your friend on Facebook, and sometimes people

Admit it, every once and again – maybe more – you check to see how many friends are still in your Facebook stable – just to make sure that shiny new number isn’t down by a few.

It’d be great if all our buds hung on our every post, but sadly that’s not always the case. These days it seems everyone is clearing out the clutter when it comes to Facebook friends and, surprise, you may be on that list.

Ask yourself, “are they real friends anyway?” For some, it stings to find out you’ve been demoted by someone who used to be your friend.

But, shrinks say the social network mimics real-life friendships, which come and go. Still, some of us are number checkers and want to see why some Facebook friends are saying, “hasta la vista, baby.” Here are some clues that you’re about to be removed from someone’s friend list.

Minus One… Or More

You log in only to find your number is picking up speed as it rolls downhill. Yesterday, you had 250 friends… today, only 245. If you’re keeping track of how many friends you’ve gathered, the decreasing number is clearly a signal.

Wanna Be My Friend

You’ll know right away that your best friend from third grade feels that life should be remembered the way it was. You sent a friend request and it was gently ignored…

What’s Going On?

Posts are fun to read — you can catch up, have a laugh but suddenly, you’re not in on the joke…or anything else in their life, because you can’t view your friend’s wall posts anymore. Hello.

Where Are You?

You run a Facebook search and can’t find that person you’ve been looking for to re-befriend someone by request. You’ve been blocked!

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Some friends have 10 photo albums, but you’re only allowed to view one. Clearly, you’re not on the A team.

Who Else Do You Like Besides Me?

Just to see who else you might know on their list or who they’re hanging with, you try to view that list of friends… and can’t.

Even Worse

You can see your friend’s list of 217 names, except your name is not on it, even though you’ve sent a request.


You post a lot of funny, hip comments but never receive a comment from that one friend you’d like be closer to.

Track ‘Em

There are applications that will let you know… but that can lead to another issue — that you really want to know.

Accidents Can Happen

There is always the chance they removed your name by accident and haven’t yet added you back.

Whether you like it or not, friends are not always forever, especially online. So, what’s your story? Have you been demoted by a Facebook friend and how did you find out?

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