10 Bizarre Office Behaviors to Avoid (Don’t Be That Guy or Gal!)

man asleep at deskNeed a little chuckle to get you through hump day? A new CareerBuilder survey discovered that employees are getting a little too comfortable in their offices.

Okay, check that — they’re getting extremely comfortable at their home away from home and therefore, many workers have decided nothing is off limits. And we do mean nothing.

Per the survey, one supervisor caught a teammate caring for her pet bird that she snuck into the office! Wait, it gets better. Another supervisor caught an employee blowing bubbles in frigid temperatures to see if the bubbles were going to freeze and break.

In another instance, an employee was hiding under boxes to scare colleagues. Really?! Other employees were busy having a wrestling match while another employee was sleeping. He ended up claiming he was praying instead. Need another example of bizarre office antics? A married man was caught surfing an online website and denied it. Sure, that’s not outrageous but here’s the kicker: he denied it while the site was blatantly seen on his computer screen.

Imagine being the manager catching an employee taking selfie in the restroom! Or spotting an employee changing clothes in a cubicle or printing a book from a website or warming bare feet under the bathroom hand dryer.

We’re still in shock by the pet bird situation but even if you’re in management and you’re starting to feel a little comfortable at your desk, it may be time to get in a formal mindset to remain utmost professionalism rather finding a teammate (or even worse — yourself) snoozing on the job.

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