10 Awesome Celebrity Twitpics of 2010

A great way way to hook nonbelievers to Twitter is to teach them how to follow their favorite celebrities.  By the time your friends figure out that the celeb is not following back, they will have the hang of it – and they will accept Twitter into their daily lives. 

One of the most exciting things about following these celebrities is catching  them posting a Twitpic.  We are given an opportunity to see personal photos of our idols without the filters of commercial media.  The stars choose what they want us to see.  And sometimes, what we see is hilarious.

We took a look back at some of the best celebrity Twitpics from the past year.  And we created a list of 10 awesome photos that either made us laugh or shake our heads in shame.


Roughly one year after fans waved their fingers at Shaquille O’Neal for calling fellow basketball player (Chris Bosh) the “Rupaul of NBA’s big men”, he pulls this amazing getup out of the wardrobe.  Shaq has always been known for his amazing sense of humor.  And Twitter allows him to show the fans the hilarious personality behind the talent.  They say heels aren’t flattering on tall people.  But if Shaq attempted to pull them off this Halloween, let’s hope they matched his tattoos.

Famous Freckles

Conan O’Brien tweeted this picture while on comedy hiatus in 2010.  He added the quote, “I no longer have health care. Could someone show this to a dermatologist and get back to me?”  Of course, he was poking fun at the fact that he was unemployed and unable to appear on broadcast TV.  In his time away from the Talk Show biz, Conan took to Twitter; and he managed to sell out concerts by tweeting the locations of his gigs.

Something Meaningful

Now, we are unsure whose leg this is…  But this amazingly-disgusting tattoo was posted by Celeb Blogger, Perez Hilton.  The only way this tattoo will be more embarrassing in 10 years is if this is actually Robert Pattinson’s leg.  I wonder in anyone got a Hugh Grant tattoo back when he was the hippest young British heartthrob.

The Only Girl in the World

If you weren’t already in love with Rhianna, the end of the line is thattaway!  Rhianna is showing us her kooky side in this photo that she posted on her own Twitter.  It is complete with the classic ‘internet girl face’ that says, “I’m being silly.  But don’t worry, deep down, I’m actually attractive, you silly billies.”

Self-Deprecation from Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel posted this screen-shot of his “Who to Follow” suggestions on his Twitter homepage.  He added the caption, “Why is my “who to follow” feature intentionally F-ing with me?”  In case you did not know, Sarah Silverman was his recent ex girlfriend at the time of this post.  And I suppose we can find humor in the fact that Conan O’Brien is his competition.  This is the online version of going out with friends after a breakup and seeing your ex out with her friends, doing the same thing.

Looking Sharp (har har har)

Lady Gaga tweeted this photograph of her amazing pointy outfit.  The gentleman behind her looks like he is being stabbed by the shoulder pads.  And the gentleman to her left looks……well…..a little jealous.

Baby You’re a Firework

While most owners of South Park pajamas probably go to bed alone, Katy Perry still manages to look stunning in this bizarre ensemble.  This is the type of photo that would make the tabloids go bananas to publish.  But since she posted it herself, it passes as, ‘kind of awesome.’

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