1 vs 100 Puts Facebook Players on the Spot For Virtual Cash

Based on the well-know television game show of the same name, 1 vs 100 from iWin debuted on Facebook July 13 of this year. The developer has made a name for itself with Facebook games based on TV game shows like Family Feud.

According to our traffic tracking service AppData, 1 vs 100 currently has 719,328 monthly active users and 96,542 daily active users.

In 1 vs 100, players are pitted against 100 members of the “Mob” (“mass of bodies”) comprised of their Facebook friends (along with some placeholders, if they don’t have enough) in a trivia challenge. The player and Mob are asked a question and, should the player answer it correctly within 10 seconds, they win a certain dollar amount for every member of the Mob that answered incorrectly. This amount is determined before the question is asked and increases with each subsequent question. The questions themselves span a variety of topics and current events, from politics to entertainment. They start out extremely easy and can get quite difficult. If the player manages to defeat the Mob by reducing its head count of zero, they win. If the player misses an answer, the game ends in defeat.

Along the way, players can spend points on utilizing one of three special options to avoid sticky situations. These include: eliminating one of the wrong answers by using “Ask the Mob,” seeing how many Mob members picked a certain answer with “Poll the Mob” and choosing to go with the Mob’s most-selected answer with “Trust the Mob.” At certain intervals, players are given the choice to walk away with their current winnings or continue playing against the remaining members of the Mob. Experience points accrue while playing and unlock new player levels, which in turn rewards the player with bonus episodes — one is required to play a game — and cash.

Social features of 1 vs 100 include inviting friends to join groups of players (personal Mobs), which will reward the player with bonuses, and challenging friends to “Right My Wrong” bonus rounds should the player loose. If both the player and their friend answer the question correctly in this optional activity, they split the player’s lost winnings. The game also includes a leaderboard where the player can see their standing during the week and for all time.

1 vs 100 is monetized through the use of Facebook Credits to purchase additional plays (episodes) should the player run out and Facebook Credits can also be spent on acquiring more of the three types of hints previously mentioned.

iWin has been quite active on the game’s Wall, posting frequent questions in the style of the game’s using the Poll function. The developers also seem quick to respond to players’ reports of issues on the game’s Discussion Boards. In the near future, iWin intends to roll out an unspecified number of gameplay additions, including power-ups that will “introduce more strategy and competition.”

You can follow 1 vs 100’s progress using AppData, our traffic tracking service for social games and developers.