Wunderman Thompson Releases 8 Hours of Agency Office Noise on SoundCloud

The soundtrack spans from 9 a.m. coffee to 4 p.m. happy hour

a cup of coffee pouring on the left and cracking beers on the right
The soundtrack spans every elevator ping and email whoosh of a typical office day. Wunderman Thompson Canada

Between crowded buses and sad salad lunches, Wunderman Thompson Canada is seeking to keep you company with the ambient noise of an agency workplace from pre-pandemic times.

The eight-hour soundtrack spans all the way from 9 a.m. coffee to 4 p.m. happy hour, with every elevator ding and email whoosh in between, as recorded by the agency’s remote employees. The agency is hoping the audio, called “Isolation Station,” might make agency employees feeling sick of working from home amid the pandemic like they are in a more productive setting.

“To make the soundtrack truly authentic, we tapped real Wunderman Thompson Canada employees across three offices to record themselves having conversations with colleagues over Microsoft Teams and on their mobile devices,” said Wunderman Thompson Canada executive creative director Ari Elkouby. “We created a story map over the course of eight hours and got employees to contribute to different parts of the day. That dialogue was mixed over an audio bed of office ambient sounds to complete the track.”

The project is similar to (but predated) another recent campaign from the New York Public Library, in which Mother New York recreated the sounds of a bustling city.

Who knew an awkward tiff over a conference room booking could ever sound so nostalgic?

@patrickkulp patrick.kulp@adweek.com Patrick Kulp is an emerging tech reporter at Adweek.