Uber Eats' Horror Flick Stars Keke Palmer and $1 Million in Hidden Promo Codes

Watch and listen closely to this shoppable film to bag discounts on candy ... if you dare

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There are significant horrors that await candyless homes on Halloween night—and no, we’re not exactly talking about rambunctious kids and a bit of wayward toilet paper in trees. A new horror short film puts a hair-raising spin on trick-or-treat traditions and we’re not gonna lie, it’s a little creepy.

But don’t cover your eyes just yet. This film offers two major incentives to help viewers pay close attention: a fitting performance from Nope star Keke Palmer and a bunch of hidden, shoppable discount promo codes courtesy of Uber Eats.

Directed by Dan Trachtenberg and created in conjunction with agency Kamp Grizzly, “Don’t Run Out” tells a cautionary tale about the cost of unpreparedness on one of the biggest consumer holidays of the year. Palmer stars as the cautious roommate whose only aim is to keep the candy bowl stocked—a task that her roommates take far too lightly. When she finds the bowl empty, she places an order with Uber Eats for an emergency candy delivery. Does she make the call in time, or are her and her friends already prey for the Candy Snatchers? You’ll have to watch to find out.

And while you do, you’ll want to watch and listen closely. Uber Eats has included hidden promo codes for candy and other convenience essentials ranging up to $500 in both the set and audio. In total, there are $1 million in discounts packed in the nearly four-minute film. But be careful: The brand warns that some codes are but a mere valueless decoy.

To redeem the codes, users must head to the Promotions tabs under the Accounts menu. There, they can add each code to see its value. The code that saves the most will be automatically applied to all Convenience orders at checkout. Each eligible person can redeem up to $830 in savings.

“Don’t Run Out” continues Uber’s mission to direct more consumer focus on its offerings beyond restaurant delivery. While the film’s chill-inducing tone certainly plays into the spirit of the holiday, it also adds an urgency that underscores the brand’s aim to be a resource at a time of need.

Check out the film below. How many codes did you catch?

(Captions for the video have not been made available to Adweek. We will update the video once captions have been provided.)Uber Eats


AGENCY: Kamp Grizzly

CCO: Dan Portrait

ECD: Yogi Hakim

CD: Simon Armor 

Senior Art Director + Copywriter: Tim Semple

Senior Art Director + Copywriter: Nicole Blauw

ACD: Luke Yablonsky

Copywriter: Logan Corcoran

Designer: Judd Ortiz

Head of Strategy: Tai Foster

Director of Creative Ops: Jamie Boyda

Head of Account Management: Peter Christenberry

Account Director: Kevin Fuller

Project Manager: Kat Olsen

Head of Production: Jade Clark

Executive Producer: Guy Fiorita 

Producer: Persis Koch

Associate Producer: Andy Moon

Talent Manager: Mir Harris

Post Producer: Laura Ocean


Director: Dan Trachtenberg

DP: Jeff Cutter

Executive Producer:Oliver Fuselier

Line Producer: Lawerance Lewis

Production Designer: Noel McCarthy

Editorial: Little Farm / David Trachtenberg


VFX: The Artery

Sound/Music: JSM

Color/Mix: Company 3