This Agency Created a Tantalizing Ice Cream Flavor to Celebrate Its Rebrand

Periscope launches frozen treat on National Ice Cream Day

Celebrating with a sweet treat. Periscope
Headshot of Doug Zanger

Like all months, July is filled with real and faux holidays. In between the actual holidays of Independence Day in the U.S. and Bastille Day in France, the likes of marketing-driven celebrations like Amazon Prime Day, National Corn Fritter Day, National Cheesecake Day and others pepper the calendar (for the record, pepper gets an entire month in November).

One such day in the seventh month that most people can agree on, however, is today’s National Ice Cream Day. In a clever stunt taking advantage of the holiday’s halo, Minneapolis-based indie Periscope created a new ice cream flavor, Love Potion No. 921, designed to celebrate the agency’s brand refresh.

The blood orange, pomegranate and ginger concoction was designed by Periscope employees and has nods to the company’s culture. The name, Love Potion No. 921, references the agency’s address—921 Washington Avenue South in Minneapolis. Additionally, pomegranate and ginger are widely grown in India and China, where Periscope has offices (in Delhi and Hong Kong), and blood orange reflects the new brand colors.

“Of course, the pressure was on to make sure we created a flavor that actually tasted good, since we’re in the business of making things people love, after all,” said Peter Nicholson, Periscope’s chief creative officer.

The flavor was created in partnership with ice cream brand Izzy’s, and other aspects of the frozen treat weave through the agency’s mantra of ‘Do Things People Love,’ including symbolism around the main ingredients—pomegranate and ginger—that, according to lore, foster love.

“This is an exciting turning point for Periscope because we are reintroducing ourselves to the world as an evolved agency, with a fresh, new look and a long-standing, powerful mission,” said Periscope CEO Liz Ross. “Doing things people love starts in our strategic process and comes through in our work which aims at the heart. It only made sense that this message comes to life at every touch point of our evolved brand, even if that’s ice cream.”

Love Potion No. 921 will be available for purchase at Izzy’s in the Minneapolis area.

@zanger Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.