Snooki and e.l.f. Urge Suntan Fans to 'Go SPF Yourself' in Cheeky Campaign

The Jersey Shore icon helps launch the beauty brand's new sunscreen collection

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Jersey Shore icon Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi (now LaValle) has a message for those spending the final days of summer getting out in the sun: “Please tan responsibly!” 

The warning from the fiery reality personality—famed for her memorable one-liners and love of the beach and pickles—also serves as the face of the new campaign from e.l.f Beauty’s Suntouchable! sunscreen collection. 

In the first of a series of spoof PSA videos released on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube, the petite “mawma” tells viewers: “I’m Snooki, and I have an important message: The sun is a two-faced [beep]!” 

As a collage of images shows a young Snooki in her notoriously tanned glory days, she deadpans to the camera: “I know you look back and think ‘But Snooki…you had a really healthy, natural glow!’ Well, I got news for you, [beep] … I tanned irresponsibly!” 

Later in the video, a hotline number flashes across the screen, which viewers who “need help from the sun’s drama” can call to hear amusing prompts from the star urging them to “Go SPF Yourself” by purchasing the product. 

Other videos feature her narrating a strongly worded letter warning people about the dangers of the sun. She also reveals the contents of her beach bag, including the new product—which she uses “all the frickin’ time”—along with a blanket bearing her likeness, a massive jar of pickles, and a tumbler featuring her mugshots, which she says can be used for coffee or her preferred “mama juice.”


@Snooki say it louder for the UV rays in the back! 😤 Shop the Suntouchable! Collection at #PleaseTanResponsibly #suntouchable #sunscreen

♬ original sound – e.l.f. Cosmetics

The campaign, produced by Day One Agency, received praise from fans on social media, with multiple TikTok users commenting, “Where’s the beach?” a reference to one of her most famous lines (which is also emblazoned on the towel).


Let’s go to the beach mawmas ☀️ #elfpartner Don’t forget e.l.f. SKIN sunscreens 🙌 @elfyeah

♬ original sound – Snooki

“We’ve had so much fun creating the ‘Please Tan Responsibly’ campaign for e.l.f Skin, featuring none other than Snooki,” Kory Marchisotto, e.l.f. Beauty’s chief marketing officer, told Adweek.  

“As we enter the last moments of summer, Snooki shares an important message for our community to ‘Go SPF yourselves with Suntouchable!’—our viral SPF skincare collection. The response across our platforms has been incredible—everyone is resonating with the nostalgia of Snooki and the overall ’90s-style PSA.” 

Marchisotto previously told Adweek that the company selects its partners based on being “kindred spirits,” making the choice of the irreverent reality TV star both buzzworthy and on-brand. 

E.l.f has previously partnered with Chipotle to create a makeup palette inspired by the restaurant chain’s burrito ingredients, which went viral and sold out quickly. And in February, the brand featured Jennifer Coolidge in a quirky Super Bowl spot for its TikTok-famous primer, during which the White Lotus star shared her best dolphin impression.