Pillsbury Doughboy Gigglingly Crashes Geico Ad

What's he happier than?

Hey, the Pillsbury Doughboy appears in The Martin Agency's latest "Happier Than … " commercial for Geico. I thought he'd done so a while back, but it turns out that was Eddie Money. Eddie's tunes are so poppin' fresh. In the new spot, the Doughboy giggles his way through an airport security check, illustrating that people who save money by switching to Geico are "Happier than the Pillsbury Doughboy on his way to a baking convention." It's a better commercial crossover than most—less strained, for example, than Mr. Clean and the Target bull's-eye pooch shilling for Xerox. Too bad Geico's gecko wasn't on hand to fight Doughboy to the death to determine which ad mascot is best. I guess that's something I'll only enjoy in dreams. Go on, smack him, gecko … bite his doughy ass!


Client: Geico

Spot: "Doughboy"

Agency: The Martin Agency, Richmond, Va.

Chief Creative Officer Joe Alexander

Senior Vice President, Group Creative Director: Steve Bassett

Vice Presicent, Creative Director: Wade Alger

Senior Vice President, Art Director, Creative Director: Sean Riley

Senior Copywriter: Ken Marcus

Vice President, Agency Executive Broadcast Producer: Molly Souter

Agency Producer: Samantha Tucker

Agency Junior Producer: Emily Taylor

Strategic Planner: Melissa Cabral

Account Team: Chris Mumford, Brad Higdon, Parker Collins, Carter Crenshaw, Susan Karns

Group Talent Director: Suzanne Wieringo

Production Business Manager: Amy Trenz

Production Company: Hungry Man

Director: Wayne McClammy

Director of Photography: Tim Ives

Executive Producer, Managing Partner: Kevin Byrne

Producer: Nate Young

Production Supervisor: Steve Ruggieri

Editorial Company: Makenzie Cutler

Editor: Ian MacKenzie

Editor: Dave Koza

Assistant Editor: Carmen Hu

Editorial Producer: Evan Meeker

Director of Operations: Biz Lunskey

Visual Effects: The Mill

Executive Producer: Jo Arghiris

Producer: Colin Blaney

Shoot Supervisor: Tony Robins

2-D Lead Artist: Randy McEntee

2-D Artists: Tony Robins, Paul Downes, Jamin Clutcher

Art Support: Rob Meade

3-D Lead Artist: Kevin Ives

3-D Artists: Billy Dangyoon Jang, Olivier Varteressian, Laurent Giaume, Justin Diamond, Sean Dooley, Joshua Merck, Hassan Taimur, Wyatt Savarese, Samuel Crees, Ross Scroble

Matte Painter: Can Y. Sanalan

Colorist: Fergus McCall

Doughboy Animation: Topix

Creative Director: Steven Hollman

Senior Producer: Christina Lord

Audio Post, Sound Design: Rainmaker Studios

Engineer: Jeff McManus

Music: "Happier Than" theme song by Adam Schlesinger

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