‘Hurry Down the Chimney’ Gets a Whole New Meaning With Kmart’s Pregnant Dance Squad

Moms-to-be show their moves in latest Joe Boxer ad

Last holiday season, Kmart clearly had a ball (or two) with its advertising. This year, it's all about bellies.

In a nice upgrade from the retailer's spot featuring guys playing their beer guts like kettle drums, we now have a dance squad made up of belly-proud moms-to-be. It's the latest in agency FCB's #ShowYourJoe campaign for Joe Boxer, and this time we find five ladies rockin' some comfy pajamas and shakin' it for two to the tune of holiday classic "Santa Baby." 

Directed by Wondros’ Christian Weber, it's a surprisingly perfect juxtaposition of female empowerment and one of Christmas' sexier songs. The track is faster than the famously slinky Eartha Kitt version, which keeps the spot from going to truly weird places.


Client: Kmart

Chief Marketing Officer, Kmart Apparel: Diane Vaccaro

Vice President, Creative: Mark Andeer

Marketing Director, Kmart Apparel: Sarah Fromson

Advertising Managers: Laurie Bourquin, Amy Mitchell

Agency: FCB

Chief Creative Officer: Todd Tilford

Executive Creative Director: Dan Fietsam

Senior Vice President, Creative Director: Michael Shirley

Creative Directors: Josh Hurley, Andy Kohman

Art Directors: Johnross Post, Conor Clarke

Copywriters: Matt Everts, Alf Zapata

Executive Producer: Chris Bing

Producer: Lara Hurnevich

Director:  Christian Weber

Production Company: Wondros

Editor: Steve Immer