Hornbach Made a Fancy Chair You Don’t Just Assemble but Actually Have to Build

In your face, Ikea!

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Hornbach, dude.

We love it when it’s serious, but when it’s weird, it can’t be beat.

The European DIY brand that once gave us the man who feels his house’s pain has returned, this time in collaboration with designer and architect Sigurd Larsen. Together they’ve created the Werkstück Edition Lounge Chair.

It’s a smooth, markedly Scandinavian thing, with colors and a blush of wood subtle enough to class up the savagest of porches. Larsen himself calls it “a chair that fulfils all the standards of good design, yet is accessible to everyone.”

The catch? You can’t actually buy it. You have to make it yourself. We’re not talking Allen keys and marshmallow men; we’re talking from scratch, by hand, with blood, tears and the sweat of your own brow. And by sawing the pieces out of blocks of wood yourself.

“With the Werkstück Edition, we want to show that more is possible with our range than you might think,” says Thomas Schnaitmann, Hornbach’s German head of marketing and international marketing comms lead. “Of course, building the ‘Lounge Chair’ is not a simple project, but Hornbach has a lot of faith in its customers and endeavours to empower them in many ways.”

Created with help from its longtime agency Heimat, a printed “Builders Book” for the chair is available for 18€ (about $22), though it actually appears you can download instructions on a dedicated site. Here’s also a direct link to the PDF. The necessary components are all available at Hornbach and will run you about $160.

“We’re challenging people to push themselves a little and to build it by hand,” Larsen continues. “People will feel quite differently about a beautiful piece of furniture if they have crafted it themselves. It’s a testament to what you can do with a bit of good design and your own hands. And I love that idea.”

Larsen expands more on his design affinities, and on what drew him to this project, in a 4-minute documentary on the lounge chair, which is actually just the first of a series of do-it-yourself pieces Hornback will release under the Werkstück Editions banner.

“Hornbach has always been driven by a single passion: giving people the opportunity to create great things with creativity and their own bare hands,” says creative director Guido Heffels of Heimat. “We worked with Hornbach to take this one step further by initiating the Werkstück Editions—a series of projects by well-known designers from all over the world, designed exclusively with and for Hornbach.”

It’s a beautiful idea, in keeping with the brand’s rigorous DIY philosophy. But we’ll comment on the chair’s actual merits once our grisly handyman cuts have healed.

Credits – The HORNBACH WERKSTÜCK Edition 001

Client: Hornbach Baumarkt AG
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Builders book / tutorial:
Production: Büro Bum Bum
Matthias Klinger Dirk Gössler Eric Dannebaum
Agency Producer: Carola Storto

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Photographer Company: Uwe Düttmann
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