Here’s What Happened When Craft Brewer Goose Island Begged AB InBev for a Super Bowl Ad

Top marketing execs hear out their pitch

Goose Island

Craft beer Goose Island, owned by brewing giant AB InBev, wanted to make its Super Bowl advertising debut. So, a couple of its key figureheads trekked to New York City to pitch the idea to the parent company’s marketing brass, according a tongue-in-cheek reality-style video posted to the brand’s social feeds.

Todd Ahsmann, Goose Island’s president, and Greg Hall, one of its co-founders and a former brewmaster of its products, made the case to a stone-faced room of their bosses—Miguel Patricio, global CMO; Marcel Marcondes, U.S. CMO; and Felipe Szpigel, president of AB InBev’s craft division, The High End.

They had everything they needed, or so they thought. Namely, a vague idea featuring a not-quite talking animal, and a whole … two weeks to get the thing produced and on the air. All they were missing was one of the parent company’s six slots during the Big Game.

You can surely see where this is going.

It’s an amusingly self-deprecating if willfully ridiculous (and a little navel-gazing) sequence, perfect for a casual social execution on a relatively small brand that wants to be seen as not taking itself too seriously.

The real clincher is the ad’s last scene, though. A dejected Hall, riding the elevator out with Ahsmann, reflects that they should’ve had their mascot repeat sibling beer Bud Light’s on-fire catchphrase: “Dilly Dilly.”

In other words, in a world of consolidated ownership, never miss an opportunity for synergy.

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