Fans Go On an Exotic Egg Hunt in Pete & Gerry's New Ads

The cheeky campaign comes from indie agency Humanaut

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An ostrich, one of the fastest-running birds in the world, can sprint up to 43 mph, and a crocodile, with 60 razor-sharp teeth, has the strongest bite in the animal kingdom. 

Probably best to keep those details in mind if you’re tempted to raid the nests of either creature in the hunt for exotic eggs. 

Marketers behind the Pete & Gerry’s brand don’t recommend it, by the way, claiming their own products are plenty wild enough. But they mined the concept for a new campaign that uses intentionally silly sight gags and harmless stock-footage versions of combative critters to make its point.

The work, from independent agency Humanaut, coincides with the first national distribution for Pete & Gerry’s Pasture-Raised Eggs, a line extension that launched earlier this year. After a few months in select retailers, the new SKU is now being stocked at Whole Foods, Kroger, Stop & Shop, Shaw’s, Hannaford and The Giant Company. 

To back up the ads’ tagline—“(Almost) The Wildest Eggs You Can Get”—the spots note that the brand’s hens have at least 108 square feet of pasture to roam, forage and explore. “The result is one of the healthiest, most sustainable sources of protein,” per the brand.

Pete & Gerry’s, Humanaut

There’s no need, then, to scale a tree and pilfer an egg from an eagle’s nest, as a character tries to do in the hero 30-second spot and its shorter vignette.

Advertising in the category is “rife with quaint pastoral imagery,” said Bethany Maxfield, Humanaut’s creative director, and the campaign doesn’t skimp on those typical green scenes. But it also “creates tension between the kind of images consumers are used to and the over-the-top wild animals” that co-star in the cheeky spots.

The brand, an MLB partner with flagship Pete & Gerry’s Organic and Nellie’s Free Range in its stable, wanted to debut “fun and memorable” ads that would resonate with consumers “who care about animal welfare and high-quality foods,” said Phyllis Rothschild, Pete & Gerry’s CMO.

The egg market in the U.S. is valued at $13.7 billion, according to Research and Markets, expected to climb to $16.2 billion in the next five years. And while 72% of eggs sold in America come from the top 25 producers, most of them industrial farms, the demand for specialty eggs is growing. “This trend is likely due to consumers’ concerns about animal welfare and the environment,” per a July report from Research and Markets.

Egg prices, which had skyrocketed for months because of 2022’s avian flu outbreak, have leveled off, with supply and demand at more of an equilibrium, according to analysts in the sector.

“(Almost) The Wildest Eggs You Can Get” will air on streaming TV and YouTube, with paid social media and digital out of home ads also planned through the end of the year.

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