Daniel Craig Saves His Sweetest Moves for a Belvedere Spot Directed by Taika Waititi

Rita Ora and rapper Giggs also supply an original tune for the occasion

Throughout his extensive career, Daniel Craig has stoically (and stylishly) battled terrorist organizations, solved complicated murders and even faced off with extraterrestrial beings in Cowboys and Aliens. Suffice to say, he has become one of the enduring faces of the action genre, seemingly all too prepared for a moment of drama and intrigue.

But in his latest work—a short film for Belvedere Vodka—you won’t find any of that. Instead, you’ll witness a man light on his feet, ready to let loose.

The brand debuted a new spot starring Craig and directed by Taika Waititi. At the start of the two-minute-long film, Waititi captures a suave, mysterious scene reminiscent of a James Bond film. But with a quick transition, the energy shifts to something much more playful as Craig ditches the crisp tux and black-and-white filter for a more casual leather jacket look.


Stylish and authentic

Backed by an original track from Rita Ora and U.K. rapper Giggs, Craig channels choreography by JaQuel Knight and dances throughout a posh Parisian hotel and, at one point, on top of water in a pool. In the end, the film flashes the word “Finally,” which likely refers to Craig’s first sip of Belvedere, which he was presumably waiting patiently to enjoy.

The final shot shows Waititi in the director’s chair advising Craig to be himself—a nod to the brand’s aim for authenticity.

The work is an especially notable campaign for Belvedere for a number of reasons. Aside from solidifying a new relationship between the brand and Craig, the work will also debut on a Times Square billboard—a first for the brand.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Daniel Craig as the new face of Belvedere Vodka with this unforgettable campaign,” said Belvedere CEO and president Francois Xavier Desplancke. “The campaign ushers in a new era for Belvedere in which self-expression, authenticity and style are celebrated in all forms.”

After its Time Square reveal, the campaign will continue in digital and print.


Director: Taika Waititi

Choreography: JaQuel Knight
Soundtrack: Rita Ora; Nathaniel Thompson (Giggs)
Photography: Juergen Teller
Styling: Christine Centenera

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