Creative Flavor: Daniel Correa Had to Become a Jack of All Trades

For the creative director, being an ad ace means becoming a quasi-expert at many things

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When asked what made him want to get involved in the advertising industry, Miami-based creative director at Alma, Daniel Correa, noted that it was a matter of playing to his unique strengths. “I’ve always known I wanted to do something related to creativity because I was a huge fan of music and cinema,” Correa told Adweek.

“But knowing that I didn’t have the skills to be successful in those fields, I quickly realized that one way I could express my creativity was through ad campaigns,” he explained. “Luckily, in advertising, you can have many careers inside of one.”

As one of the creatives featured in Adweek’s Creative Flavor series, made in collaboration with Produ and Circulo Creativo, Correa has worked on several campaigns but cites his work with “Better With Pepsi”—an ambitious project that positioned the brand as the best pairing option with famously Coke-aligned fast food chains—as a recent standout.

“I learned from this project that having an idea is less important than making an idea. Everyone can have a great idea but making that idea a reality is the hardest part,” he said. “A simple and well-crafted idea can be hard to find, but it also can be the most rewarding one.”

Don’t worry, I’m an expert

On what he hopes to achieve in the next year: “Because people’s time is precious, it’s hard to get their attention, let alone consume our campaigns. I hope to continue creating work that stands out, so my mom shares more projects with me via WhatsApp without knowing they’re mine.”

On becoming a jack of all trades: Even if he didn’t think he could cut it in film and music, Correa has learned that being in creative advertising means becoming proficient in a lot of things very quickly.

“Every project requires the creative person to dive deep into a specific field and become kind of a ‘superficial expert’ in the matter, even if it’s for a month or so (or sometimes even years),” Correa said. “That research phase is crucial because there’s no way to create relatable campaigns without deeply understanding consumer behaviors.”

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