Cannes Podcast: Inside Airbnb’s Content Philosophy

Production chief Rachel Holbrook on brand values and diversity

Airbnb global head of production Rachel Holbrook talks to Adweek's podcast team at Cannes.
David Griner

Many marketers aspire to work for an iconic global brand like Coca-Cola, but in 2014, Rachel Holbrook left the beverage giant to work somewhere very different: a rapidly growing startup called Airbnb.

Since then, Holbrook has led the lodging service’s content team, including everything from traditional production crews to creative talents who helped define the brand’s popular aesthetic.

Holbrook, recently honored in Adweek’s 2017 Creative 100 for her mastery of branded content, joined our podcast for a quick discussion of brand values, the insanity of producing 500 content pieces in two months and why the company is so focused on finding diverse talent at the creative industry’s largest festival.

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