Apple Created an Ode to the Trials and Triumphs of Creating on a Mac

Joy in the process

Photographer Bruce Hall in new Apple spot Apple

Creativity can be messy. The path to making that song, film—thing—is fraught. However, Apple, since introducing the Macintosh in 1984 (you remember the commercial, right?), has democratized the process of making cool things and pushed the boundaries of what creativity can do to impact the world.

In the brand’s latest campaign, “Behind the Mac,” we see a full spectrum of creators. They eagerly begin the creative process, facing inherent challenges, and, at the end of the 60-second film, become triumphant and satisfied with their creations and achievement.

The anthem film is the entry point for the new campaign that features the stories of 12 real creators, including musical artist Grimes, who writes and produces her music and creates her album artwork on a Mac. We also learn about Peter Kariuki, an entrepreneur who built an app that makes the roads in Rwanda safer, and Bruce Hall, an accomplished photographer who has a permanent collection in the Library of Congress and is legally blind, through additional films that support the campaign launch.

Additionally, the music selection, long a strength for the brand, is unexpected and inspired, featuring “The Story of an Artist” by Daniel Johnston. The lyrics of the 1982 song are a logical parallel to the theme of the spot but also reminiscent of Johnston himself, an artist with a unique, long-standing following.

Seeing the rough edges and imperfections of creativity is a welcome part of the narrative and sets Apple up for another successful campaign, which includes OOH below, to tout the computer that put the company on the map in the first place.

@zanger Doug Zanger is a senior editor, agencies at Adweek, focusing on creativity and agencies.